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Your donation makes it possible for us to provide spiritual​guidance and growth in Christ for young people today when it is needed more than ever.

The Pines Catholic Camp was created in 1988 to provide an environment where children can leave their hectic, temptation-filled world and enter a peaceful, faith-filled Kingdom in Big Sandy, Texas. Campers receive faith-focused counseling, mentoring, and spiritual guidance led by an experienced and dedicated staff. Whether it is their first visit or they are a seasoned camper, they will be reconnected & reinforced in their faith and commitment.​

We are excited to have over 2700 campers this year who will explore their own unique journey in Christ, but are saddened that we have had to turn away hundreds more due to the lack of space in our current facilities. What effect will this have on them and their faith? We hope one day to not have to ask this question and that every child searching for Christ will have the opportunity to transform their lives, but we need you to make it happen.



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